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Perhaps you are curious about how to unlock your intuitive skills and navigate your life with more confidence and positive results? I’ve been able to see, hear, and gather information from objects since childhood and throughout my career as a successful business woman. Together, our sessions, will support you by answering immediate questions, deciphering blockages or openings waiting for you, and allowing you to access and trust your own intuition. As a result, you will live more deliberately.

“Megan Havrda leads the way for expansion and abundance, moving us into a paradigm of whole systems thinking, and away from the myopic, aggressive styles of leadership that still dominate our (crumbling) world today.” – Gina Fiedel, Business Owner, Santa Barbara, 2017

“Megan Havrda is one of the most intuitive, creative and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Not only is Megan an amazing business woman and a natural born leader, but her ability to utilize her unique intuition to build and maintain the most meaningful business relationships is unlike anything I have ever seen. Megan’s intuition has an amazing way of helping business individuals and teams in strategizing and decision making, resulting in a more cohesive and productive environment.
Megan’s unique influence on relationships and business is simply unparalleled. There is no one like her!” – Joanie Vasquez, Business Owner, Santa Barbara, 2017


Hi, I’m Meg. Wisdom resides in the present moment. And together, we create true social security.

When in the present, we can all access truth and faith, and experience professional and personal breakthroughs. Together, in our sessions, we will register and extract the gems from each moment, building on information until we find the clarity we seek to make accurate decisions for your life, freedom, and well-being.

My service to you is TIME. Our sessions, give you time to check-in with your self-guidance and learn to cultivate its power and accuracy with my help . Yes, I will share my insights with you regarding your needs and questions per session, but more importantly, I will guide you as you learn how to listen to yourself and trust your own gut and intuitive information.

“As the oldest child, the pretty girl, the athlete, the young adult who lost her father too young, the 20-something divorcee, the brazen business woman at 30 and 40, the single mother, and the evolutionary woman seeking her role model, Megan has always been charting her own course. As such,  she is grounded and solid in what she advises to others. People of all walks of life can find both inspiration in as well as significant support from Megan for their own voice, decisions, and direction. Megan is extremely gifted and channels without ego. She cares deeply for each person and is sensitive to their insecurities and strengths.” – Fleur Nelson, PhD, Santa Barbara, 2017

“Megan Havrda is an inspiring fulcrum of support for evolutionary people everywhere. She’s a change agent who brings team’s together masterfully; she’s bold but very approachable and loving.”   Darrell Park, Entrepreneur, Alta Dena, 2017

“Through storytelling and her resource-rich gatherings, Megan inspires women to reflect and adjust their lives to match their inner gifts, wisdom, and desires. She makes everyone feel worth it…” ~ Judy Hawkins, Entrepreneur, Santa Barbara, CA

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Who is Megan

Megan is a woman who leads an inspired life based on both her powerful intuition and stark pragmatism. These two threads have been masterfully crafted together through her own tough life experience, her upbringing by wild New Yorker Madman parents, her worldwide adventures, her careers in International Development and Sustainable Business Design & Management, and her education in both the sciences and the arts.

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