Skin in the Game

My honey looked at me the other day and said, “Even your skin sensitivity is different since you had the baby”, as the skin on my arm goose-bumped to his fingertips running across my wrist.

Now many women would blush and wiggle in their seat and say “Thank you honey”. But I thought about sales.

This response is not because I necessarily love sales or that I want my life to be run by sales as it has been for the last 8 years, but the wiring in my head is so engrained to think about sales that I saw a correlation worth exploring.

Skin sensitivity, heightened awareness and perception, openness. Some sales tactics compliment only the mental tenacity of a person to outwit their opponent, or in this case, their customer. But many women sell from a different place. And if they are mother’s, or very intuitive people, they can master multi-sensory selling techniques even more.

The old phrase to have “skin in the game” is to have incurred monetary risk by being invested in achieving a goal. This is a good, sound translation. Let’s evolve it.

Skin in the game, for me, now means that I am personally invested in the out come on every level. I am tracking something with all of my senses. I am willing to “mother” an opportunity forward to its full and best fruition. I will stick with it no matter what. And I will be patient for the natural flow of the sale to unfold, instead of pushing and forcing an outcome.

This sales technique takes longer, however you make many more friends along the way, and build deep trust with all involved throughout the journey. This can indeed result in great financial gain with longevity.

Women, we are at our best when we are feminine and nurturing, strong and sincere, bold and patient, reception and courteous, creative and helpful. The marketplace needs this energy. As more and more competition and products enter the marketplace in all industries every year, we need women looking out for the bigger picture – sustainable economies that do not continue to annihilate precious resources. Have skin the game for nature, people, and profit. We are the new leaders, the new workforce, the new trend setters. Trend wisely.