Hamburger vs. Hotdog

There are hamburger vs. hotdog people, dog vs. cat people, tv vs. reading a book people… the trick is to find your people, nurture and love them, and appreciate all others despite your differences.

For example, there is a Grand Canyon size difference, in reality, between dog and cat people. Dog people love, lick, wag, shout, and express their feelings moment to moment. Cat people withhold, harbor, ruminate, plan, plot, delay, design tomorrow… its a now vs. tomorrow sense of urgency.

I have been part of highly complex management theory analysis re: “types” of people and systems, and those systems are informative and helpful.

But the simple, honest truth is that we all know who our tribe is within seconds.

So, be polite, and choose accordingly, your trauma and drama will decrease significantly.

Good night.

We see what we value and crave…

Have you ever been working on something inside of yourself and then you notice it EVERYWHERE in society, like confronting bullies, or being more compassionate to a person’s struggles, or finding patience in a long line at the DMV…?

Well, I see hearts.

I see hearts EVERYWHERE, I’ve got a stash of over 72 hearts that I have spotted out in life – oil smudge at gas station, wires on a telephone pole, food from my dental floss… Oh yes, everywhere.

So what’s that reflection? I am ready, willing and open to more and more LOVE in my life. That’s the easy part. The underbelly of LOVE is ACCEPTANCE.

So let’s try this on, “I am open to more acceptance in my life”.

OK, I had to sigh deeply. You too?

Why is acceptance of self and others so convoluted?

I’m going on a hike, happy Friday!

How One Book Recently Saved My Life

Like you, I have a lot of smart, witty, educated, and spiritually curious friends.

At a very low point in my life last winter, a friend recommended that I read the book, “I am the Word”, and like many first time readers of this author, as I have since come to hear, I fell asleep almost every time I opened the darn book.

What I’ve come to understand, overtime and via meeting the author/channel (Paul Selig) in person, is that the book and the text holds a frequency that is so pure, of God, and direct that the reader has to acclimate to it. We all acclimate at different speeds and this is a-ok.

This book, and all the books to follow, saved my life. Now please understand, I don’t worship anything. I’m not the “poster of a movie star” kinda gal, I don’t covet name brand crap, I frankly have not owned a TV since I was 20. So “out of the mainstream loop” would be a good title for me, in many respects.

On the other hand, because I have not been marinating in Fox News, CNN, HBO, even BBC… I have fresh and in the moment perspectives on what is happening in the world, and as such, I can have compassion for how individuals are responding to the stresses of our planet.

The “I am the Word” book cannot address nor justify why the Great Barrier Reef was just declared dead. But, it does address my consciousness, personally, around such events and how I can participate with more presence and be in my knowing as I move through my day. Sounds lofty. Read the book.