About Megan

Megan was recently on TV, in June 2017, on “Get Conscious Now”:

Megan is a woman who leads an inspired life based on both her powerful intuition and stark pragmatism. These two threads have been masterfully crafted together through her life experience; her upbringing in a proper Connecticut setting with two wild New Yorker Madmen parents, her worldwide adventures, her career in International Development and Sustainable Business Design/Management, and her education in both the sciences and the arts.

Today, Megan is focused on distilling her experiences, personal and professional, into mediums that can both be shared and inspire others to reflect on their lives and stories. Megan provides everyone she knows with tremendous resources for their optimal growth and consciousness.

Megan’s overarching mission is to assist those in her community to find their true purpose with ease and to clear their obstacles  so can do what they came here to do. 

Megan’s number one value is FREEDOM. Megan helps people recognize and respond to their natural, calm, self-aware sense of being. From that place, she inspires people to design their lives, businesses, relationships, as well as their internal language and their way of being in the world so it suits their inner nature. Feelings of freedom then emerge and become a lifestyle for Megan’s clients.

World & Workplace Experience

For the last 22 years, Megan has worked the helm of both the social enterprise and sustainability movements as a consultant, executive, and business owner working within the private sector, non-profit sector, and inside Governmental and Non-governmental organizations including the US State Department, Conservation International, Counterpart International, Women’s Economic Ventures, Citigroup, and several start ups.

In 2008, Megan helped build Be Green Packaging from the ground up with its founders as Senior Vice President. Megan remains a team member to this day.  www.begreenpackaging.com

In 2012, she co-founded The Adventure Capitalists, which designs, supports and builds triple bottom line companies. www.theadventurecapitalists.com

In 2014, she became a founding Board Member and Executive of Ellipz Lighting USA, a vision company that manufactures innovative LED lighting worldwide. www.ellipzlighting.com

Currently, Megan is also consulting for the internationally known change management company, called Adizes, as well as working with clients one on one.

Megan holds a Masters degree from George Washington University’s School of Business and Public Management, and has two Bachelors degrees in Ethnobotany and Alternative Medicine.

She is an active conservationist and community member who often stays connected to projects she started or worked on, including, but not limited to, Board Member for ESP Maya, which conserves a 5000 acre Maya Forest Reserve in Belize and Guatemala known as El Pilar (www.exploringsolutionspast.org)

Megan has been published and noted for her scientific work in the Maya Rainforest with Dr. Anabel Ford, her entrepreneurial work, and her passion for fostering more empowered and well-resourced women in the workforce and in all communities.

She was also an author in, “Conscious Choices” (http://www.amazon.com/Conscious-Choices-Evolutionary-Womans-Guide/dp/0979855489) and had a part in the related film “Heart to Lead”.