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The Resurrection

Happy Easter, April Fools, and Happy Passover. Whoa, that is a lot already. Deep breath, me and you. I’m listening to a country station on Pandora right now titled, “Ain’t it Enough”. A lot of Willie Nelson, as my father would have liked it. My Dad was Dutch Reform, per his Vietnam War dogtags, that […]

Hamburger vs. Hotdog

There are hamburger vs. hotdog people, dog vs. cat people, tv vs. reading a book people… the trick is to find your people, nurture and love them, and appreciate all others despite your differences. For example, there is a Grand Canyon size difference, in reality, between dog and cat people. Dog people love, lick, wag, shout, […]

We see what we value and crave…

Have you ever been working on something inside of yourself and then you notice it EVERYWHERE in society, like confronting bullies, or being more compassionate to a person’s struggles, or finding patience in a long line at the DMV…? Well, I see hearts. I see hearts EVERYWHERE, I’ve got a stash of over 72 hearts […]

How One Book Recently Saved My Life

Like you, I have a lot of smart, witty, educated, and spiritually curious friends. At a very low point in my life last winter, a friend recommended that I read the book, “I am the Word”, and like many first time readers of this author, as I have since come to hear, I fell asleep […]

Skin in the Game

My honey looked at me the other day and said, “Even your skin sensitivity is different since you had the baby”, as the skin on my arm goose-bumped to his fingertips running across my wrist. Now many women would blush and wiggle in their seat and say “Thank you honey”. But I thought about sales. […]

Life Balance is so 2014

As I close my eyes, I can feel the blood moving through my veins. A quiet pulsation, a sign that life is still happening. I must get out of the house… Needing a break from my newborn, I asked my Mother to come over and watch him for the afternoon. She came. I left. Stumbling […]