Camel Shadows


My first non-fiction book titled, “Mom, Don’t Laugh, This is My Life”, will be released in the Spring of 2018.

I wrote this book because we all have a story. Mine was ready to be shared.

This book shows one life, one journey of one woman. Hopefully my story and many foibles will bring you not only to laughter, but also to introspective questioning about your precious journey.

It’s vital that the gifts, growth, and self-responsibility that we each embody be woven into the social fabric of today; this information alone could alter the way our society and economy functions and how it is designed in the coming years.

Are you waiting for Hollywood to tell you what this era looked like and what happened? Humanity’s breakthroughs and history/herstory depends on us!

Mass media tells us that women are now treated as equals in society. What does the fine print say? What do you believe? How can you improve your place in the world, today, tomorrow, next week, and then guide other women to make more space for themselves?

I have ideas and my book, blog, and events will offer you a roadmap that you can turn to and depend on. Contact me now.

Humanity is a web of consciousness, and as we support one another to peel away our protective layers we can experience heaven on earth at home, in business, and in government. I know this to be true because this is how I live.


My story was ready to be shared. So is yours. Contact.