Hamburger vs. Hotdog

There are hamburger vs. hotdog people, dog vs. cat people, tv vs. reading a book people… the trick is to find your people, nurture and love them, and appreciate all others despite your differences.

For example, there is a Grand Canyon size difference, in reality, between dog and cat people. Dog people love, lick, wag, shout, and express their feelings moment to moment. Cat people withhold, harbor, ruminate, plan, plot, delay, design tomorrow… its a now vs. tomorrow sense of urgency.

I have been part of highly complex management theory analysis re: “types” of people and systems, and those systems are informative and helpful.

But the simple, honest truth is that we all know who our tribe is within seconds.

So, be polite, and choose accordingly, your trauma and drama will decrease significantly.

Good night.

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