Intuitive Readings

“You really do use your gifts for the good of others,”claimed Mariusz on flight from Atlanta to Phoenix, May 2017. We shared deeply, along with our third row mate, a retired EMT, on that flight. They were the kick I needed to launch this page and I took this stranger’s comment to heart.

My hysterically funny Jewish mother always said, “Sweetie, why don’t we just go to Vegas with your skills and be set for life?” Because Mom, that’s really dark, fucked up, and unethical, and then I’d hug her.

If you are reading this, perhaps you are curious about what sight/audio input/visuals someone like me can see and hear? And more importantly, maybe you might have those skills laying dormant? Or perhaps you’re wondering how these skills, in us both, may quicken your progress and understanding of who you are, so you can grasp why your life is the way it is and how you can proceed with more direction and deliberation?

Let’s do this! (As my two year old likes to scream!)

I can navigate mundane everyday (yes/no) questions, to strategic business questions, to deep questions regarding love and life purpose. Though I am not a doctor, nor a lawyer, I am very comfortable sharing my gut feel on certain circumstances and predicaments.

I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient

That simply means I can hear and see information as well as gather information from objects.

Our session will help you with a fast and accurate turnaround on choices and decisions you’ve been mulling over for months if not years.


Our sessions are done over the phone or by SKYPE, booked and paid for in advance.

15 minutes – $45

30 minutes – $75

60 minutes – $150

In person, in Santa Barbara or Ventura County, add $125.


If you would like to engage in a monthly retainer for email and text access, its $400/mo, and includes up to 4 email exchanges and 8 texts in a month. No rollovers.


There are no refunds if you miss or cancel an appointment once they are scheduled. Please prioritize your nurturing time with me and stick to appointments.

If for any reason I cause a missed session with you I will refund your payment, for that session, in full, within 10 business days.

Please pay ahead of time and make your appointment.

Preparing for your sessions

Bring ten questions to each session.

Ask yourself:

  1. Where are my blind spots right now?
  2. What am I ready to improve in my life?
  3. What dynamics with my friends, partner, children, co-workers would I like more information on so I can handle them better?
  4. What thoughts keep me up at night?
  5. What is my heart guiding me towards? How am I responding to this?

And so on….

Why 10 questions? 10 is the card of Fortune. I will explain more when we speak.

Everything I do in my life, or request of you, has a reason or hunch behind it.

This is good stuff, hold on for a wonderful ride….