The Resurrection

Happy Easter, April Fools, and Happy Passover.

Whoa, that is a lot already. Deep breath, me and you.

I’m listening to a country station on Pandora right now titled, “Ain’t it Enough”. A lot of Willie Nelson, as my father would have liked it.

My Dad was Dutch Reform, per his Vietnam War dogtags, that I wear under my “normal business as usual clothes”. Today, he would have brought us all to church, sat wide eyed through the whole thing, living out his “good boy” need and loyal Taurus inclinations…and then he would have stuffed us all into the Volvo station wagon and driven far far far away (his true adventurous and wild self) to eat real Italian hoagies from an authentic deli and then he and Mom would have bought Irish antic wooden furniture from an English dealer that they’d known for decades – deep in the hills of CT/MA/RI. Loyalist meets rebel. “Country Road” is playing right NOW Dad. Really. Pretty awesome. You know why.

Chag Sameach “Happy Festival” in Hebrew, for today, as my Mom’s side likes it.

And hail to…Blessed be Jesus, he has risen despite our sins and to save our souls, as my Baptist non-but beloved-family-in-law would have it, and …everyone is right today.

Religion=worship=devotion=love=family=day in day out. Consistency and acceptance are the key.

For me, I don’t see eggs and bunnies today. I see my dream last night that showed me what happens when I do and do not listen to my intuition.

The dream sequence was this… A white, rich, middle-aged, white haired man was standing by his chic white country kitchen sink with the garbage disposal going full speed. I watched the water squirting out due to the sheer grind of the blades swirling.

He then said to me, “Hey, stick your hand in there, its unbelievable what you’ll find down there. So great. Go ahead.”

I lucid dream every night. So I was observing this dream as it happened.

I laughed. And I said to him, “Wow, what an incredible offer, thank you and what a powerful and impressive disposal, the best ever. I am not sticking my hand in there. And I walked out.”

I woke up sweating and panting…due to the immediate memory of every time I said “ok” in real life, to a bad idea, and peer/elder influence, and got ground up for someone else’s enjoyment or gain.

Resurrection Day. Yes, please.

Blessings to all. We are stronger as we listen to ourselves and stop depending on the mass populace in general to make our own, daily life decisions.

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