I am here as a new role model for woman.

As a woman who had to unearth her natural strengths and abilities, I can relate to the polarities we face today. “Be strong and independent. Be gentle and receptive. Be equal to men. I’m sorry your pay is 30% less than men.” These mixed messages are turning to white noise and either lulling us to sleep or catalyzing the re-emergence of who we naturally are.

Over the last 20 years, I forced myself to grow beyond many of the social constructs placed on me or adopted by me. From this experience, I am able to solidly help other women grow beyond their own constructs.

If you are still reading, I bet you can relate.

I am also here as a new archetype for men.

Since America was founded, on the fertile soil of Capitalism, men drove the day and women were required to be in supporting roles (secretary, mother, mistress, wife, care giver).

Having spent 20 years working mostly with men, I have recently had the pleasure of raising a son. Finally, I understand a few essential differences that make men incredibly special, and tender.

By listening to men very closely, by being gentle, direct and honest with every piece of feedback I offer, and by celebrating their efforts and progress each step of the way, I can be part of their internal rewards system and positive feedback loop.

This is done, by mirroring their magnificence back to them and telling them when they are full of shit. Men are re-learning how to trust women after decades of co-dependance and manipulation from both sides.

Through our work together, men anchor real self-esteem and self-acknowledgement practices into their daily lives, so they can look inward instead of outward for approval. Men are warriors, but now, the archetype of warrior is expanding dramatically and our social fabric is needing to catch up so we can see and embrace the variety, instead of condemn differences or blind spots.

Today, as the world rumbles with crises, there is an enormous opportunity for men to reclaim their natural strengths, enjoy the strengths of women, and together create a new way of doing life for 7 billion people.

I am suggesting a global, cultural, and economic re-design process that impacts every sector, industry, country, and family.

Let’s get to the drawing board and dig in to our specific roles in this.

For All: Here’s How We Will Make It Real. Together.

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Are you interested in “how” something is done, how things are really orchestrated, what the practical energetics of attracting and manifesting are? (insert BOOK NOW link)

Together, we will focus on the energetics, in the moment of each reading, and gain understanding of what the options at hand are. Then, we will choose the process and communication required for you to get it and embrace the highest road. We will tap into our collective intuition as a team. You and me. Results will be had.

This attentive process, when allowed to unfold naturally via communication and intuition as feminine leadership encourages, brings about what is best for you and the collective.

Women are naturally whole-systems thinkers, it’s why we multitask well. We see the connection between all things / events/ people / actions/ everything. Capitalism has encouraged silos. I am encouraging and teaching a different way of going about one’s life.

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