We see what we value and crave…

Have you ever been working on something inside of yourself and then you notice it EVERYWHERE in society, like confronting bullies, or being more compassionate to a person’s struggles, or finding patience in a long line at the DMV…?

Well, I see hearts.

I see hearts EVERYWHERE, I’ve got a stash of over 72 hearts that I have spotted out in life – oil smudge at gas station, wires on a telephone pole, food from my dental floss… Oh yes, everywhere.

So what’s that reflection? I am ready, willing and open to more and more LOVE in my life. That’s the easy part. The underbelly of LOVE is ACCEPTANCE.

So let’s try this on, “I am open to more acceptance in my life”.

OK, I had to sigh deeply. You too?

Why is acceptance of self and others so convoluted?

I’m going on a hike, happy Friday!

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